[u-u] WiFi Performance

arocker at Vex.Net arocker at Vex.Net
Tue Dec 16 17:58:01 EST 2014

I'm using 2 laptops side-by-side, (ostentatious geek!; actually for good
reasons), and seeing very different WiFi performance between them.

Machine A is a Gateway M-series, Mandriva 2010.2, with an RALINK RT2860.

Machine B is an HP Pavilion g7, Mageia 4.3, and a Qualcomm Atheros AR9485.

Oddly, the difficulty is with machine B.

A seems to have no difficulty picking up a signal, and grabbing the
strongest. At the moment, the signal strength shows 82% and the link
quality's bouncing around 70-75%, with dips to the high 40s.

B shows a high of 60%, has locked on to one at around 44%, (the 4th
strongest), and shows a link quality in the 40-55% range. It frequently
drops the connection spontaneously. (Meanwhile, A is trudging alone
without interruption.)

Any suggestions as to the reasons for the differences, or for further
investigation steps, sources of information, &c?

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