[u-u] Scavenging IPv4

Hugh Gamble hugh at phaedrav.com
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If it were me, I could think of personal and small business things to do with a good chunk of it.

If you have no short term use for it yourself, you could be a bit mercenary, and lease some out.

The responsible thing to do otherwise is give it back to ARIN.

Or use it on behalf of some charity or the U.N.?


Is your block portable?

That opens up your options and increases the potential value.

But I expect you’ve thought through all that already.


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Hi all,


So this week I discovered that I still own a Class C bank of IP addresses (well, nobody now uses "Class C" anymore, it's now "/24"). This allocation apparently dates back to 1994.


Is there any good reason not just to give it back to ARIN?



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