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Sunos 4.1 was amazing. Talk about tight code.

So .. damn .. if the 3/260 was in the USA I'd pay to have it shipped to

Anyone going to BC from Toronto .. I'd help pay for gas to have the 3/260
put in the trunk :-)

If the old man was not on the Arrow project, I bet I'd still be close
enough to hop in the truck and come get the it. We lived in Streetsville

The 3/260 was also the box that box that had a network interface into the 5
Mbs Thicknet into
the 'you will never need the bandwidth' 10 Mbs the 3/50s used. At one point
it was handing
close to 50 boxes, before everything went 10 Mbs.

I've still got the chunk of Thicknet yellow coax and three taps that I keep
for memories.

-pete .. yes, gray hair

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> On Fri, 21 Aug 2015, Pete Lancashire wrote:
> |If was close-by I would give you a few $s for the 3/260. Spent many an
> hour
> |keeping a 260 serving  four diskless 3/50s running in a lab.
> |
> |Amazing what a 68020 could do.
>         i am still running a 3/80 motorola-based sun "pizza-box" as
>         a back-up name server and web server with sunos 4.1.1_u1 -
>         i've ported quite a number of "modern" things to it, so i
>         get your amazement :P
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