[u-u] Domain renewal for unixunanimous.org

D'Arcy Cain darcy at druid.net
Thu Nov 21 15:20:57 EST 2019

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Hello all;

As some of you may know, my company Vybe Networks (née Vex.Net) has been
donating the unixunanimous.org domain for years.  We just renewed it
recently to 2020-10-10.

In the past I would make a plug for our service each year around the
renewal date to justify the expenditure as marketing.  However, since I
moved away I have not been able to make the meetings so let me make my
plug on this mailing list.

In fact, we never got any business from this.  We know that the group
consists of early adopters and high tech users that can do what we can
offer just as easily.  So, I am changing the pitch.

Over the last few years the company has been growing by acquisition,
first merging with another company to form Vybe Networks and then
merging that into a new company formed for the purpose of going public.

With all of this we have grown our staff but little on the technical
side.  Since we are looking to acquire more small companies I thought I
would ask if there is anyone here running a small Internet related
company that wants to expand and can bring some clients and, more
importantly, some skills that will allow us to share our workload
better.  Please contact me off list if you are interested.


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