[u-u] COVID-19 craziness

Ross Ridge rridge at csclub.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Apr 9 19:32:09 EDT 2020

Jim Mercer writes:
> next on my plate is Eve Online.
>i have found a number of walk-throughs which purport to get it running under
>wine, however, in my journey to get Vsphere working, i know that getting things
>running under wine requires generous amounts of luck, patience and googling.

EVE Online shouldn't be too hard to get working on Wine.  While it's
not officially supported, the game does make some allowances for it.
This page seems to have recently updated instructions on what's required:


>apparently there is this Steam thing, which may or may not have a role in
>running Eve on linux.  but it seems to want to insert itself between me
>and CCP (the company that i pay for the privilege of playing).

Steam is generally not useful with EVE Online.  In particular anything
you buy through Steam (Omega time, PLEX) can only be used with an EVE
Online account created through Steam. 

On the other hand, Steam is the dominant player in PC games these days.
If your interests ever go beyond EVE, then a lot of PC games are only
available through Steam.  (Though the Epic Games Store has somewhat
changed that recently by using Fortnite money to pay developers to
put games on their platform.)  There's a native Steam Linux client and
a fair number of native Linux games.

I don't know how far into EVE Online you are, but my space job in EVE
is helping new (and not so new) players, so if you need any help with
anything let me know.

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