[u-u] window borders in gnome/gtk

Jim Mercer jim at reptiles.org
Mon Apr 27 09:52:52 EDT 2020


as i previously mentioned, i've mostly switched my desktop to Ubuntu 18 with Gnome.

something i haven't been able to figure out, but is becoming more annoying day
by day, is putting a border or edge on my windows.

i use putty and pterm mostly, because it it familiar to me from my windows world, although from time to time i use the Gnome Terminal.

in both cases, it spins up a window with a black background, a scrollbar on the
right, and no other decoration (well, a title bar on top).

the problem is that when i have multiples of these over-lapping, i can't see
where the overlap is, and i end up typing in the wrong window.

i tried googling around about how to add borders, but, it ends up taking me
to some .css file or XML file, and, i'm just lost with that stuff.

is there a less mystifying way to add a border to all 4 sides (or at least left/right/bottom)?


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