[u-u] window borders in gnome/gtk

Dan Astoorian djast at ecf.utoronto.ca
Mon Apr 27 12:32:51 EDT 2020

On Mon, 27 Apr 2020 12:21:01 EDT, Jim Mercer writes:
> it seems to have applied to my pterm, putty, authy and thunderbird windows,
> but not the google chrome (not chromium).

I can't reproduce that, since I only have chromium (not Google Chrome)
installed, which does seem to take the decoration styling.  However, I
wouldn't be at all surprised if Google Chrome handled its own window
trimmings and asked GNOME not to decorate its windows.  I'm guessing
your Chrome windows may not have GNOME titlebars either?  I.e., if it
has a titlebar at all, it's probably drawn by Chrome itself.


Dan Astoorian, Systems Administrator
Engineering Computing Facility
University of Toronto

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