[u-u] Business Internet Providers in Toronto?

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Mon Jan 27 16:45:40 EST 2020

On Mon, 27 Jan 2020, Hugh Gamble wrote:
|So, my office is moving from downtown
|where we have symmetric Gigabit fibre with Beanfield
|(and a /27 public netblock)
|To Yonge & York Mills where Beanfield won't go,
|So we need a new ISP.
|At home I have a Bell Business symmetric Gigabit fibre,
|which is ossumsauce.
|Bell can provide symmetric gigabit fibre to our new building.
|Bell might kill us on public IPs from them,
|but they have a good price for good connectivity.
|Bell includes native IPv6 connectivity now, which is a plus (really).
|Who else should I be thinking about?
|resellers of Bell and Rogers still can't resell the high speed.
|Rogers, I think is only asymmetric cable at that location.
|Telus seems to be moving out of that market?
|Allstream might work?

	Fibernetics used to provide a multi-pipe offering which
	allowed them to bond 1-N disparate connections into a
	single flow presenting their IP addresses - it seemed to
	work pretty well for the clients who used it  - if they
	still offer it, you might find it does what's needed

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