[u-u] Zoom struggle last night

arocker at Vex.Net arocker at Vex.Net
Thu Jun 11 09:53:17 EDT 2020

I'm not sure how much I was actually able to communicate, but in case
anyone's interested, the machine that was struggling has 2 2.5GHz AMD
A6=4400M cores, both of which appeared to have been pinned. Available
memory shows as 3.1Gb. I will have to look for a Zoom testing and tuning

The LibreOffice question was more of aesthetics than practical
significance. The volume, alas, is not enough to make my current procedure
a problem.

I have a repertoire of 5 courses for a particular sponsor. When I invoice
them, by an emailed .docx file), in Write I make a copy of the last
invoice for that course, edit the current date, start and end dates of the
course, and attache the saved file to a mail message. (As the courses are
always the same length, the end date could be calculated from the start

Bash could solve a similar problem for a text file with a single argument.
Today's date comes from the system, start date is the argument, and the
end date can be calculated. A slight elaboration would use the same code
for all 5 types.

There are multiple possible approaches to such a problem, some elegant and
some the equivalent of standing on one leg, facing into the wind and
sticking out the tongue. Software of any significance can be abused in
astonishing ways (sokoban in sed?), but it's usually neater to use the
approach the author anticipated.

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