[u-u] Zoom struggle last night

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Thu Jun 11 16:14:04 EDT 2020

| From: arocker at Vex.Net

| I'm not sure how much I was actually able to communicate, but in case
| anyone's interested, the machine that was struggling has 2 2.5GHz AMD
| A6=4400M cores, both of which appeared to have been pinned. Available
| memory shows as 3.1Gb. I will have to look for a Zoom testing and tuning
| site.

I don't know what the CPU is doing when it is pegged, but this model
is bad at floating point.  It has two cores that share a single
floating-point unit.  (It is even possible that some instructions that
don't look to be FP actually are performed there too.)

The AMD processors of that generation were not that great.  They were
fairly inexpensive so their price/performance ratio was good.

| The LibreOffice question was more of aesthetics than practical
| significance.

I asked "why not LaTeX?"  It's way better for scripting.

If I were honest, I might admit that I'd probably use TROFF since I'm
more familiar with it than LaTeX.  

|  When I invoice
| them, by an emailed .docx file),

In my opinion, .docx isn't a great file format for invoices.  It
invites the recipient to edit it.  It requires heavy software to view
it; usually software that is designed to edit it.  PDF is more

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