[u-u] Zoom vs. Jitsi

Greg A. Woods woods at planix.ca
Fri May 1 18:44:15 EDT 2020

At Fri, 01 May 2020 11:34:13 -0400, Hugh Gamble <hugh at phaedrav.com> wrote:
Subject: Re: [u-u] Zoom vs. Jitsi
> Are we really comfortable talking in front of Google?
> Giving away all our ideas for free to Google?

Heh, well, Google knows everything already anyway....  :-)

BUT, my experience with Meet (several years of weekly group meetings
over past years, and Hangouts before that) has been that it is rather a
pig (in terms of CPU and memory and bandwidth), and also extremely
feature limited.

I'm quite happy with Zoom, especially given they have a very nice,
simple, and stable, desktop app for my (sole) macOS desktop.

I think the security issues with Zoom that have been making headlines
are mostly attempts to spread F.U.D. with smoke and mirrors.

After all the very same issues do seem to apply equally to Google Meet.

As for Jitsi, I'd agree it is not ready for real use, despite occasional
claims to the contrary coming out of the FSF.

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