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D'Arcy Cain darcy at druid.net
Mon May 25 09:18:29 EDT 2020

On 2020-05-24 23:50, David Gilbert wrote:
>> That would also be asking for too much network knowledge from your
>> average luser.
> Actually, you can already achieve it.  Even as a luser.  There already
> exist standards.  You create SRV dns records:

I told my somewhat tech-savvy sister to create an SRV record in her DNS.
 She asked me if I was having a stroke.

Maybe your average users are smarter than the average average user.

> and when you "dial" dave at daveg.ca, you should lookup _sip._udp.daveg.ca
> and use the information (in this case host: sip.eicat.ca, port 5060) and
> send the string "INVITE dave at daveg.ca" to that host as a sip message. 
> This used to work. If anyone finds otherwise, I'd be willing to debug.

I am sure that everyone here either knows how to do this or can figure
it out.  We aren't exactly a mass market.  BTW, I am SIP:darcy at Vex.Net
or SIP:darcy at VybeNetworks.com.  That still goes through the proxy
though.  It's a separate issue to direct phone-to-phone calls.

If everyone had public IPs on their phones we could do a partial
solution.  Use the proxy to set up the call then hand it off to direct
P2P.  Tech savvy users could do that or we can wait for IPV6 and give
every phone (as well as every "thing") it's own public IP.  That won't
work in the interim though as my previous email showed.  My client's
phone had a public IP and mine, as most users, did not so it failed.

> ... and like a mailserver, you don't need to run it yourself.  I run my
> own mailserver ... but even among _this_ group ... probably only half of
> you do.  Anyways... you don't want to talk to an endpoint here --- at
> least not most endpoints or ATAs.  You want to talk to a SIP call router.

Of course.  The discussion was about avoiding that.

> To achieve this as a luser, you simply need a service provider. They
> exist.  I would do it, for instance.  I _think_ easydns was planning to
> roll it out, too.

I could also do it and, because of the phones that we use, I can put
your minimal luser on the net with a modem (in bridge mode) our
telephone and one computer.  The phone would have a public IP and, with
our DSL, could even have a static, public IP.

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