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Sun Aug 14 21:46:53 EDT 2022

On Wed, 10 Aug 2022, Colin McGregor wrote:
|I have been in touch with the powers that be at Toronto Metropolitan
|University (TMU) (ex: Ryerson) and they are okay with us returning to in
|person meetings this fall. TMU is still sorting out lab room space, so they
|will not know which room we can use until early September. Next big
|question, how/when do we do a return to in person meetings?

	regardless of government policies to the contrary,
	covid-19 is far from over - currently we are in a
	7th 'wave' and given the usual seasonal increase in
	infections and possibly new variants, it's only going
	to get worse especially for the most vulnerable :(

	of course we are all hoping it's all behind us now, but
	it's not - so it 's still important for both us and
	those we know/care about, for us to continue an often
	inconvenient caution in favour of less exposure for
	one and all ...

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