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David Collier-Brown davec-b at rogers.com
Tue Jan 13 17:06:25 EST 2015

I mis-used DNS records for this once (;-))

More credibly, spreadsheets and databases are interconvertable, but only 
databases stay up to date.

Google bigtables are databases with spreadsheet-like interfaces, so they 
and .csv files are what I last used for medium-large data (6 pages of 
columns when printed, godzillions of rows never ever printed in full)


On 01/13/2015 04:16 PM, William Park wrote:
> Since it's key-value structure, from top of my head,
>      1. spreadsheet -- simplest, but you can't do any complicated query.
>      2. SQL -- probably single table would suffice.  Query is obvious.
>      But, data entry can be tedious.
>      3. textfile -- each line contains key/value.  Will require scripting
>      skills.  Data entry is simple but tedious, because you have to make
>      sure the same key is used in all files.
>      4. filesystem -- filename is the key, and its content is value.
>      Even simpler then textfile, but same problem with data entry.

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