[u-u] Win PDC to Samba Domain Controller Help?

Hugh Gamble hugh at PhaedraV.com
Wed Jan 6 09:10:34 EST 2016

 I want to give somebody money.

We want to move off a Windows PDC onto a Linux Samba Active Directory 
Domain Controller.
I know a bit about Active Directory and a bit about Samba,
but I do not have the time to learn more (on production systems with 
real users).

Whom do I know, whom do you know, or where can I go,
to find somebody to contract the work and knowledge transfer to?

Starting from a Win2k3 (EOL and unsupported now) PDC
notably serving for Windows client authentication and supporting an 
Exchange server.

Moving to Samba Active Directory domain controller
providing domain services for Windows clients
and authentication for a Zimbra email/groupware server.

Migrating from Exchange to Zimbra is the next phase of the project.
Right now what we need most is the Active Directory and Samba 

Referrals or suggestions? Bueller?

P.S. I really will get out to a meeting one of these days,

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