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My favourite starter book for people was the K&P The Unix Programming
Environment, but it may be a bit out of date..  ;-)

You can find it online now however.

For a book to tickle a person't interest, Unix Power Tools was good,
as are many of the O'Reilly books.


I would just suggest they pick a page at random and learn..
It covers more than just bash however.  For that..

Classic Shell Scripting isn't bad..


On Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 02:08:35PM -0500, arocker at Vex.Net wrote:
> >From Hugh Redelmeier
> > I don't really remember not knowing how to program or use a Unix shell.
> That's one of the paradoxes of teaching (and writing documentation).
> Someone who knows the topic really well often doesn't remember what the
> state of ignorance was like. One no longer knows what it is that the
> reader/student doesn't know. The right order to present necessary material
> without digression or backtracking isn't always obvious.
> A shell course I taught was written with ls as the first topic, but I
> found it worked better if man came first. man man was easy to remember and
> type, and led to everything else. apropos or man -k came next, for people
> who didn't know what they should be looking up.
> Academic material can be particularly bad, because it is often designed to
> show off the author's cleverness, or filter students by their skills,
> rather than communicate behaviours.
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