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Jim Mercer jim at reptiles.org
Wed Jul 13 09:51:10 EDT 2016

On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 09:37:49AM -0400, Colin McGregor wrote:
> The sailing club is located in
> a corner of Toronto where DSL/Cable is not available, so any internet
> connection will have to be via 56K dial-up (which is still available
> via Toronto Free-Net) or via an expensive mobile phone based solution
> :-( . In other words the only affordable Internet solution is dial-up,
> good enough to grab weather information, but not good enough for much
> else.

depending on your needs, you can get a bell/rogers mobile data SIM for starting
at $10/month, and then it jumps up based on usage.

your milage may vary.

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