[u-u] Connectivity

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Tue Apr 7 16:20:05 EDT 2020

| From: arocker at Vex.Net

| It looks as though I have to get a wired Net connection.
| My apartment has a cable connector, which I assume works, since Rogers
| keeps soliciting my custom.
| The 'phone socket has a little white plastic box wired to it. Bell keeps
| telling me Fibe is available in my building.

Apartments can be different from houses.

- Apartment wiring might be old and crappy.  That might be hard to fix
  (I don't know).

- Some apartments even have doorbells that interrupt the
  phone line, which isn't good for Bell internet service

- Your apartment might even have a service like Beanfield's, and that
  might be interesting

"Fibe (TM)" is a meaningless brand name.  They want you to read
it as fibre optical all the way to your residence, but it doesn't mean

In my area, Rogers cable network speed is a lot faster than Bell ADSL
or VDSL.  Bell does not yet offer FTH (Fiber to the Home).  Your area
might be different.  You can query Bell's site to find out the top
speed they offer you.

Resellers are available for cable or *DSL.  Bell gives them more
control than Rogers.  If you want a static IP address, resellers can
do that will Bell but I don't think that they can do that with Rogers.

| What, if any, options do I have for getting a connection, preferably
| without a technician visit?

Ask them.  Even if they can do a technician-free install, you may find
a problem that requires a tech.

I have vybenetworks.com VDSL and Rogers cable internet services.  Both
have required tech visits over the years.

| 100 GB a month and enough bandwidth for a radio feed and YouTube
| simultaneously ought to be adequate.

Then a VDSL feed is enough and perhaps even ADSL.  But I suspect that
the only reason to use ADSL is if the phone line to the Central Office
is too old or long to support VDSL.

There are often specials from Rogers or Bell.  Especially in areas
where both offer gigabit service.  Beware specials that give you a git
introductory price but commit you past that price.

Third-party resellers seem to offer better prices than Bell unless you
buy a bundle of services.

Do remember to account for the installation charges, modem rental,
etc.  It is often cheaper in the long run to buy the modem.

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