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(and this, it seems, is a more UU topic than just where to get internet :).

On 2020-04-07 19:00, Hugh Gamble wrote:
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> Then I see somebody still trying to dual boot, and it makes me cry.
You see... it's a very specific thing I'm doing here... and it's not 
entirely like dual booting at all.  I'm even giving a talk on it at 
BSDCan (which is now virtual, apparently).

So to first be plain, there are only two installs... win10 and 
FreeBSD-12.  Both boot from what now subs in for BIOS. Both can be the HOST.

Now Win10's VM stuff will only natively allow you to add either virutal 
files (which don't boot in BIOS) or _WHOLE _DISKS_ to a VM.  Using the 
latter, and some magic, FreeBSD boots both on bare metal and on 
Hypervisor.   If you want the details, attend BSDCan virtually.

FreeBSD is happy to boot a partition, but since Windows is on it's own 
disk, I don't even have that problem.  The big problem is getting one 
copy of windows to boot both on bare metal and under Bhyve.

So the goal here is that on one piece of hardware _both_ operating 
systems are running.  The advantage to win10 being the host is mostly 
gaming (video card passthrough is a poor solution, trust me).  The 
advantage to FreeBSD being the host ... is better scheduling and memory 

Most dual boot systems ... at best give you the mounted drive of the 
other (and even that can be buggy).  This solution is one that I've 
wanted for 20 years.  It only recently became practical.

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