[u-u] ethical objection to Zoom

Hugh Gamble hugh at phaedrav.com
Sat Jun 13 02:33:02 EDT 2020

 Google has done the same, only more so, and more often.
For the same legitimate reasons.
Anybody considering a boycott of Zoom
would do better to start boycotting all Google consumer and B2B 

Jitsi is too small, to new, and to incomplete
to have the kinds of problems all successful systems run into.
But Open Source(tm) licence encumbered software
is not free from political problems either.

We've seen a recent fracturing of open source style licence models
based on divisive and punitive politics and infighting.

Personally, I'm as concerned about companies that continue to operate 
in the US
as I am about companies that operate in Russia or China.
And as a Canadian I am most concerned about the ethics of Canadian 
software and services.

Let's try to minimise the harm from Canadian censorship by companies 
like Google
by patronizing companies like Baidu and Yandex that place fewer 
and less manipulation on Canadians.

That said,
if somebody in this group wants to locally host a Jitsi server,
I'm willing to give it another shot.
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> Subject: [u-u] ethical objection to Zoom
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> Date: Saturday, 13/06/2020 1:59 AM
> Zoom the company has dropped some users bowing to pressure from 
> Peoples
> Republic of China.
> Why is that news?  Some of those users are outside of China!
> <https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/06/zoom-cites-chinese-law-to-defend-censorship-of-human-rights-activists/>
> They have the right to do so but it isn't right to do so.
> I'd prefer to avoid Zoom
> The GTALUG meeting this week used Jitsi.
> The Raspberry Pi meetup this week used Google
> whatever-it-is-called-this-week.
> UU (as you know) used Zoom this week.  (Thanks, Collin, for paying for
> this).
> All seemed OK to me.
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