[u-u] Unwanted console messages

Hello Kittyhawk bdb at GTS.org
Mon Jan 19 18:10:35 EST 2015

On Mon, 19 Jan 2015, arocker at Vex.Net wrote:
|Possibly coincident with an OS version (Mandriva)  upgrade, I've been
|getting messages blasting all over open console windows. I think they're
|essentially all repetition of the following block:
|Message from syslogd at localhost at Jan 19 16:31:39 ...
| kernel:MC4_STATUS: Corrected error, other errors lost: no, CPU context
|corrupt: no
|Message from syslogd at localhost at Jan 19 16:31:39 ...
| kernel:Northbridge Error, node 0
|Message from syslogd at localhost at Jan 19 16:31:39 ...
| kernel:Link Transmission error.
|Message from syslogd at localhost at Jan 19 16:31:39 ...
| kernel:Transaction type: generic(generic), no timeout, Cache Level:
|L3/generic, Participating Processor: local node observed as 3rd party
|They're not useful, since nothing appears seriously wrong, and there's
|nothing I can do about it anyway.

	either a software bug (or possibly a config botch
	showing up with new o/s version) - or an underlying
	hardware issue which the newer o/s version may take
	more seriously & thus warrant further investigation

|/etc/syslog.conf shows everything going to /var/log/ files. How can I stop
|this spewing all over my screens? (Really annoying when editing, or trying
|to follow a train of thought.)

	most modern unices have multiple consoles available
	on the vga/keyboard hardware, often visible via
	<ALT-F[2-4]> ... we tend to disable primary console
	input completely to make it read-only (which also is
	a lame kind of security-by-obscurity against random
	opportunists :)

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