[u-u] Unwanted console messages

Doug Lee douglee at vex.net
Mon Jan 19 21:07:48 EST 2015

You could try restoring the previous kernel to see if the messages go 
away. Maybe you have just discovered a new kernel bug. Were these 
messages in your log files before? Another possibility would be building 
the latest and or some older kernel from source (www.kernel.org) for 
troubleshooting purposes. Another thought. Maybe the kernel is compiled 
with extra debugging turned on. There are many debugging options in the 
kernel config not recommended for normal use. Some of them may be 
controllable with boot options. See: 
in the kernel source tree.

Trying a recent live CD/USB distro and looking at its logs might help 
determine if you have any real hardware problems.


On Mon, 19 Jan 2015, arocker at Vex.Net wrote:

> Possibly coincident with an OS version (Mandriva)  upgrade, I've been
> getting messages blasting all over open console windows. I think they're
> essentially all repetition of the following block:
> Message from syslogd at localhost at Jan 19 16:31:39 ...
> kernel:MC4_STATUS: Corrected error, other errors lost: no, CPU context
> corrupt: no
> Message from syslogd at localhost at Jan 19 16:31:39 ...
> kernel:Northbridge Error, node 0
> Message from syslogd at localhost at Jan 19 16:31:39 ...
> kernel:Link Transmission error.
> Message from syslogd at localhost at Jan 19 16:31:39 ...
> kernel:Transaction type: generic(generic), no timeout, Cache Level:
> L3/generic, Participating Processor: local node observed as 3rd party
> (OBS)
> They're not useful, since nothing appears seriously wrong, and there's
> nothing I can do about it anyway.
> /etc/syslog.conf shows everything going to /var/log/ files. How can I stop
> this spewing all over my screens? (Really annoying when editing, or trying
> to follow a train of thought.)
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